Command line application to define sh cmd interval execution.
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Cronish App

The cronish app can execute shell commands as a daemon.


cs philcali/cronish-app

That's it!

Usage (Daemon)

The cronish program's main function is a interval daemon very much like crontab is for linux machines.

To start the daemon, simply run:

> cronish -d

To background the program:

> cronish -d > /dev/null &

This will silent the interval execution like a standard crontab

Use the -t to isolate this cronish run. This means that for the duration of the run, cronish will run and forget it's tasks upon exit

Usage (Client)

If you are interested in interpreting English into cronish, run:

> cronish <cronish>


> cronish every 5 seconds
*/5 * * * * * *

> cronish every midnight on the last Friday in July in the year 2012
0 0 0 * 7 5L 2012

To add something to the cronishtab, the syntax is simple:

> cronish <command> runs <cronish>
> cronish wget runs every minute

To list the running tasks in cronishtab:

> cronish -l
{0}: wget runs every minute

To stop a currently executing task, and remove it for future reference:

> cronish -r 0