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SBT plugin allowing for integral sbt / sh execution
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Cronish SBT Plugin

This plugin adds interval task execution in the sbt console. With both sbt task execution and / or shell execution.


In your project/plugins/build.sbt definition, place the following line:

addSbtPlugin("com.github.philcali" % "cronish-sbt" % "0.1.1")

The CronishPlugin.cronishSettings must be inlcuded manually either in your build.sbt or Build.scala.

Cronish Tasks

The important tasks in this regard being:

cronish-add-[sh|sbt] <command> runs <cronish>

An example of the two below.

  1. cronish-add-sh echo "Maybe you should get off now" runs every day at 5pm
  2. cronish-add-sbt publish-local runs every Friday at midnight

The cronish-list task will print out all the active runs for the session.

Convenience Methods

The plugin comes with the add object with three convenience methods:

  • sh (cmd: String): CronTask for basic shell commands
  • sbt (cmd: String, st: State): CronTask for sbt commands
  • > (work: ProcessBuilder): CronTask for advanced commands

Interjecting Intervals

With the convenience methods mentioned above, it's very easy to interject interval commands in both settings and tasks. Let's pretend you wanted to inject a publish-local interval automatically, after your first update.

import CronishPlugin._

val publishNightly= TaskKey[Unit]("publish-nightly")

override val settings = Seq (
  publishNightly <<= (state, streams) map { (st, s) =>
    add sbt ("publish-local", st) runs "every day at midnight""Injecting nightly publish-local command")
  update <<= update dependsOn publishNightly

Initializing Cronish Tasks

You can use the cronish.tasks setting to configure cronish tasks upon initialization. Because this is a setting, you are limited to shell commands, and ProcessBuilders. Here's an example:

import CronishPlugin._

tasks in CronishConf := Seq (
  add sh "echo Take a break, dude" runs hourly,
  add > "wget" #> new File("google.html") runs daily,
  job ("echo get off dude" !) runs "every day at 5pm"

That's all there is to it.

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