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LMXML Command-line App

The application will convert .lmxml files to XML in the stdout or as a specified file.


Installation is quick and easy via the conscript tool. Follow the installation instructions on the README, and run the following command.

cs philcali/lmxml


lmxml test.lmxml
# or
lmxml test.lmxml test.xml

Template Fun

The app plays nicely with other command-line utilities in order to build pseudo dynamic / static sites.

For example:

  • softprops/unplanned: serving up a directory
  • philcali/monido: for watching file changes
  • philcali/lmxml: to transpile LMXML and template JSON
  • the below script called or something similar:
#! /bin/sh

lmxml -j src/data.json src/index.lmxml out/index.lmxml
echo Changes found in $1

Now do your work in src, and launch up in out. For example:

mkdir src
mkdir out
echo "!html html head title name" > src/index.lmxml

In one session, start the watcher:

monido -e sh src/

In another, start the static web server:

cd out/; up -p 8080

Finally, write the data.json:

echo "{\"name\": \"Test LMXML\" }" > src/data.json

The output should look like:

<!DOCTYPE html><html>
    <title>Test LMXML</title>

Changing either the json file or the source files will trigger a recompilation. Pseudo dynamicism!

This kind of work is great for quickly prototyping the views, but for an end to end Scala web experience, check out the example app.

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