Scala monitoring service (built-in file monitor)
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Pure Scala monitoring service that comes with a file monitoring reference implementation. Monido was actually a spawn from my desire to apply the cake pattern in some project.


  • Flexible
  • Easy to extend
  • Straight forward

What's a Mondio?

A Monido is short for "Monitor this thing, and do something!" It's completely made-up. I'm actually making it up as I type...

A typical Monido is comprised of three components. These are:

  • PulsatingComponent
  • MonitorComponent
  • ListeningComponent (optional)


A PulsatingComponent is something that wakes the MonitorComponent to do something. A PulsatingComponent could wake it at set intervals, once a day, manually, etc. The MonitorComponent will simply monitor whatever it was told to monitor (The FileMonido reference implementation monitors the file system.) Optionally, the Monitor can notify a client of a change (or anything else really) by making use of the ListeningComponent.

Lots of moving parts that have arbitrary dependencies make it a great candidate for some DI.

App Installation

The Monido project has been conscripted, so a simple:

cs philcali/monido

Is all that's needed to install it. Now you can do things like:

monido some/path -e ls -l


For simple monitoring services in your app, include the monido-core in your build process:

libraryDependencies += "org.github.philcali" %% "monido-core" % "0.1.2"