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Scagen, pronounced [ska-gin], is a flexible site generating tool, which allows for multiple markup dialects to convert easily to html.


  • It is useful to me
  • The app is flexible
  • The library is extensible


Kick it off rather easily with n8han's conscript tool. Follow his steps for installation.

Once you have conscript, installing scagen is as simple as

cs philcali/scagen


All inputs are defaults values. I've copied the usage straight from the source:

Usage: scagen [-h] [-r] [-i base-dir] [-o output-dir] [-t template] [-s stylesheet]
-h help:       Prints this help
-r recursive:  Crawls recursively, and copies to output, mirroring input (defaults false)
-i base-dir:   Base directory to begin conversion (defaults .)
-o output-dir: Output the conversion here (defaults converted)
-t template:   Path to base template (defaults to base.ssp, which is included)
-s stylesheet: Path to stylesheet (defaults to main.css, which is included)

So, an example would be

scagen -r -i ~/working -o ~/Dropbox/Public

With this definition, scagen would recursively looks in working, copying everything it finds into ~/Dropbox/Public converting .mds, .htmls, .txts, or .textiles it finds using a base.tpl you have in your working, or the one the library provides. Obviously, providing a path to the template and style sheet will give you more customization.

For Developers

Crawl anything and everything.... Talk about this more as the library becomes more refined with use.