React Client for displaying Stock Quotes (IEX Trading)
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ticker-react is an example React client which pulls stock quotes from the (defunct but still available) Google Finance API by using the ticker-phoenix Elixir Phoenix app. This React client app subsribes to Phoenix Channels with stock ticker symbols and is periodically notified of updates.

To see the ticker-react app in action, head over to

Example screenshot of the three applications being used together

Stock Ticker


The sample was developed using the following

  • OS X El Capitan (10.11)


Clone Repo

git clone

You'll need Node to run the JavaScript server and have access to NPM. To install on OS X with Homebrew, run the following brew command

brew install node

Run It

Start the server

npm install && npm start

You'll want to make sure the Elixir Phoenix app is also running. If you haven't done so, follow the instructions for getting it installed and running at ticker-phoenix.

See It

With both the Phoenix and React apps started, you can see it in action from your browser by visiting http://localhost:3000


MIT License

Free Software, Hell Yeah!