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\title{Class "bfactorClass"}
Defines the object returned from \code{\link{bfactor}}.
\section{Objects from the Class}{
Objects can be created by calls of the form \code{new("bfactorClass", ...)}.
\item{\code{EMiter}:}{Object of class \code{"numeric"}, number of EM iterations }
\item{\code{pars}:}{Object of class \code{"list"}, estimated parameters }
\item{\code{parsSE}:}{Object of class \code{"list"}, estimated parameter standard errors }
\item{\code{guess}:}{Object of class \code{"numeric"}, guessing parameters }
\item{\code{K}:}{Object of class \code{"numeric", number of item categories} }
\item{\code{itemloc}:}{Object of class \code{"numeric", index for tabdata} }
\item{\code{AIC}:}{Object of class \code{"numeric"}, Akaike's information criteria }
\item{\code{BIC}:}{Object of class \code{"numeric"}, Bayesian information criteria }
\item{\code{X2}:}{Object of class \code{"numeric"}, chi-squared value }
\item{\code{df}:}{Object of class \code{"numeric"}, degrees of freedom }
\item{\code{RMSEA}:}{Object of class \code{"numeric"}, root mean-square error of approximation}
\item{\code{logLik}:}{Object of class \code{"numeric"}, observed log-likelihood }
\item{\code{p}:}{Object of class \code{"numeric"}, p-value for chi-squared value}
\item{\code{F}:}{Object of class \code{"matrix"}, factor loadings}
\item{\code{h2}:}{Object of class \code{"numeric"}, commonalities }
\item{\code{itemnames}:}{Object of class \code{"character"}, item names}
\item{\code{tabdata}:}{Object of class \code{"matrix"}, tabulated data}
\item{\code{tabdatalong}:}{Object of class \code{"matrix"}, dichotomous version of tabulated data }
\item{\code{N}:}{Object of class \code{"numeric"}, sample size}
\item{\code{Pl}:}{Object of class \code{"numeric"}, likelihood-values for tabdata}
\item{\code{Theta}:}{Object of class \code{"matrix"}, theta grid }
\item{\code{data}:}{Object of class \code{"matrix"}, complete binary data}
\item{\code{logicalfact}:}{Object of class \code{"matrix"}, logical factor indicators }
\item{\code{facility}:}{Object of class \code{"numeric"}, item easiness}
\item{\code{specific}:}{Object of class \code{"numeric"}, specific item indicators }
\item{\code{cormat}:}{Object of class \code{"matrix"}, quasi-correlation matrix }
\item{\code{converge}:}{Object of class \code{"numeric"}, convergence diagnostic }
\item{\code{par.prior}:}{Object of class \code{"matrix"}, prior parameter distribution specifications}
\item{\code{quadpts}:}{Object of class \code{"numeric"}, number for quadrature points }
\item{\code{vcov}:}{Object of class \code{"matrix"}, covariance matrix for estimated parameters }
\item{\code{Call}:}{Object of class \code{"call"}, call }
\item{coef}{\code{signature(object = "bfactorClass")} }
\item{fitted}{\code{signature(object = "bfactorClass")} }
\item{print}{\code{signature(x = "bfactorClass")} }
\item{residuals}{\code{signature(object = "bfactorClass")}}
\item{show}{\code{signature(object = "bfactorClass")} }
\item{summary}{\code{signature(object = "bfactorClass")} }
\author{Phil Chalmers \email{}}
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