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A next-generation MUD/MOO-like virtual world engine in Python
Python JavaScript CSS Ruby
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(c) Phil Christensen,

12 January 2014


antioch is a next-generation MUD/MOO-like virtual world engine. A scalable architecture lays the foundation for huge, highly customizable virtual worlds, while sandboxed code execution allows users to author content in a secure and robust environment.


Feature Set

  • Django-powered, standards-compliant web interface using Bootstrap, jQuery, REST and COMET

  • Sandboxed Pure-Python execution enables live programming of in-game code

  • PostgreSQL-backed object store scales to million of objects and provides transactional security during verb execution

  • Flexible plugin system, highly scalable execution layer using Celery and RabbitMQ

antioch is made available under the MIT/X Consortium license.

The included LICENSE file describes this in detail.

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