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reversed LOCAL and REMOTE dir on line 199, my testing failed to catch…

… this because I always used the same dir name for local and remote (thanks Nick for the catch and debug)
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1 parent e01996b commit 0a3516a7ae658fcd86b304fb8e6a8c37d335e832 @philcryer committed Feb 16, 2012
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@@ -195,7 +195,8 @@ deploy(){
echo -n "* Doing inital sync with server..."
. /etc/lipsyncd
- su $USER_NAME -c 'rsync -rav --stats --log-file=/home/'$USER_NAME'/.lipsyncd/lipsyncd.log -e "ssh -l '$USER_NAME' -p '$SSH_PORT'" '$REMOTE_HOST':'$LOCAL_DIR' '$REMOTE_DIR''
+ #su $USER_NAME -c 'rsync -rav --stats --log-file=/home/'$USER_NAME'/.lipsyncd/lipsyncd.log -e "ssh -l '$USER_NAME' -p '$SSH_PORT'" '$REMOTE_HOST':'$LOCAL_DIR' '$REMOTE_DIR''
+ su $USER_NAME -c 'rsync -rav --stats --log-file=/home/'$USER_NAME'/.lipsyncd/lipsyncd.log -e "ssh -l '$USER_NAME' -p '$SSH_PORT'" '$REMOTE_HOST':'$REMOTE_DIR' '$LOCAL_DIR''
echo "Initial sync `date` Completed" > /home/$username/.lipsyncd/lipsyncd.log

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