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** rustc noodling

An attempt to get type information out of rustc as fast as possible

Created by looking at librustc_driver/ test_env() and recreating


cd ~/src/rust/rustc-noodling/; source ./env && RUST_BACKTRACE=1 cargo run --release ~/tmp/ 5 4 5 5

cd ~/src/rust/rustc-noodling/; source ./env && RUST_BACKTRACE=1 cargo run --release 696 28 696 55 /usr/local/src/rust/src/librustc_typeck/


librustc contains info about the whole crate loading process

rustc::metadata is the module containing all the stuff

An rlib is an 'ar' archive, containing a metadata binary file. Metadata is incoded in RBML (really bad markup language). See librbml librustc::metadata::decoder contains code to decode the metadata file

  • It seems that if a function doesn't return anything then that part doesn't get checked on the body check.

Changes to mytypeck:

  • made some structs public
  • bare_fn returns the tables node that it used for typechecking, even if it fails
    • that allows lookup fn to resolve a type even if it didn't typeck properly