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One day in a galaxy far, far away… someone might want to read your project history.

Get a preview today:

Want to hack on it?

No problem. But first, it is not just Javascript and CSS. It is pogoscript and sass. Oh, and they require node.js and ruby respectively.

If that does not put you off, I give up! Clone the project:

$ git clone git:// && cd StarLogs

Get pogo:

$ npm install -g pogo

Leave it autocompile:

$ pogo -cw javascripts/*.pogo

Get sass:

$ gem install sass # with sudo unless on rvm, rbenv, etc.

Leave it autocompile:

$ sass --watch stylesheets:stylesheets

Serve project folder:

$ npm install -g serve
$ serve

Navigate to http://localhost:3000/starlogs.html and take it from there!

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