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Builtins Dict General Miscellaneous Operations String VM

Symbol Index

TP_LOOP Macro to iterate over all remaining arguments.
tp_bool Check the truth value of an object
tp_call Calls a tinypy function.
tp_class Creates a new base class.
tp_compile Compile some tinypy code.
tp_data Creates a new data object.
tp_deinit Destroys a VM instance.
tp_del Remove a dictionary entry.
tp_dict Creates a new dictionary object.
tp_exec Execute VM code.
tp_fnc Creates a new tinypy function object.
tp_get Attribute lookup.
tp_getraw Retrieve the raw dict of a dict.
tp_has Checks if an object contains a key.
tp_iget Failsafe attribute lookup.
tp_import Imports a module.
tp_init Initializes a new virtual machine.
tp_iter Iterate through a list or dict.
tp_len Returns the length of an object.
tp_number Creates a new numeric object.
tp_obj Tinypy's object representation.
tp_object Creates a new object.
tp_params Initialize the tinypy parameters.
tp_params_n Specify a list of objects as function call parameters.
tp_params_v Pass parameters for a tinypy function call.
tp_raise Macro to raise an exception.
tp_set Attribute modification.
tp_setmeta Set a "dict's meta".
tp_str String representation of an object.
tp_string Creates a new string object from a C string.
tp_string_n Creates a new string object from a partial C string.
tp_string_slice Create a new string sliced from an existing string.
tp_system The system builtin. A grave security flaw. If your version of tinypy
tp_vm Representation of a tinypy virtual machine instance.