A simple utility to merge files into a given template, based on simple recipes.
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Version: 0.1
Date: March 25th 2009
Author: PhilHawksworth http://hawksworx.com http://twitter.com/philhawksworth


A utility to merge text files into a single output file based on a template and a simple recipe.  Inspired by Cook by UnaMesa.


- Python


- Place bake.py on your path.


- Create a recipe file. 
Recipes should be named in this form: NAME[.EXTENSION].recipe
The name of the output file is based on the name of the recipe file. The Output file will be named thus: NAME[.EXTENSION]

- Define your template.
The destinations of your ingredients are labeled in a template file as insetion points like this:
  @@ stuff @@
  @@ other_stuff @@

- Populate your recipe.
Recipe files tell Bake what ingredients to include and where to include them. Templates are included in your recipe like this:

  recipe: path_to_template_file/template_file_name

All other items are included like this:

	stuff: stuff1.txt
	stuff: stuff2.html
	other_stuff: other_stuff1:js
	other_stuff: other_stuff2:any_extension
You can also include recipes in your recipes like this:

	recipe: a_sub_recipe.recipe
Note: Only one template is permitted per Bake operation. This should be included in your base recipe. Sub recipes should not contain templates.

- run Bake from the directory which contains your base recipe like this:

	bake my_thing.html.recipe

This will create mything.html in the same directory.