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freeCodeCamp JAMstack examples

2 - Changing the DOM with JavaScript

This repo holds one of a series of examples of JAMstack sites from a freeCodeCamp video. The video, "Introduction to JAMstack" is available to view for free on freeCodeCamp.

About this example

The second of our 6 code examples, this example builds on example 1 to add some simplistic client-side JavaScript. Things are still very simple here, but we use this example to deploy an iteration to our hosting environment.

In the video, we show the pre-built, ready-to-serve assets to out hosting environment, using the drag and drop facility to create a new immutable deployment within Netlify. The video also introduces different types of rendering, explaining:

  • Client-side rendering
  • Server-side rendering (At request time)
  • Server-side rendering (At build time)

Local development

To work on this example locally, you can clone the repository and simply start editing. There is no build step or any pre-requisites.

git clone

Clone and deploy

If you wanted to quickly clone this repository and deploy it as a new site on Netlify you can click the button below for a rapid start.

Deploy to Netlify

Watch the video

For a better understanding of what this example is and why it exists, you can jump directly into the video at the point we are discussing this example

JAMstack video

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