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My blog site, powered by Eleventy and Netlify
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Phil Hawksworth's blog. Served up at and hosted on Netlify


This site is comprised of static files generated by Eleventy for simplified deployment and hosting. It uses Gulp to automate some build optimisation tasks and to improve performance.

Local development

To build the site you need:

  • Node - to run the build
  • Yarn - to install and manage dependencies

Getting started

# clone this repository
git clone

# go to the working directory

# install dependencies

# start a local build server with hot reloading
yarn start


Netlify Status

The build command yarn run build will generate a set of static assets in a dist folder which can be deployed to any web hosting service.

My preferred method is to host on Netlify which can run this build process in a CI environment and then deploy the build to automatically to a global CDN. Such deployments are triggered automatically by every git push to the master branch of the origin repository.

Clone and deploy your own

Deploy to Netlify

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