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A ludicrous experiment triggered by a playfull tweet:

free side project idea: HTML-only static site generated clock that deploys a new version to @netlify every minute – @zachleat

What does it do?

  • It builds a page with the local time for a variety of timezones. (correct at build time.)
  • When served on Netlify's global CDN, visitors are routed to the correct page for them based on the country they access from.

What on earth for?

Since we can run this build so regularly and with such confidence on Netlify, we rebuild and deploy automatically every minute.

Are you an idiot?

Possibly. But it turns out that this is a nice example of how the country-specific CDN routing is on Netlify thanks to its concise, yet powerful _redirects API. (docs)

Have a poke around!

Developing locally

// clone this repository
git clone

// move into the project and install the dependencies
cd html-time

// run a local development server with auto-rebuild and hot reloading
yarn start

Deployed (really rather often) to Netlify

Netlify Status

Format for localisations

Pages for different locales follow the conventions set out on Wikipedia