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Jamstack Comments Engine screengrab

Comments engine example.

Comments for your site. With no server to maintain and no Javascript dependency.

Built on Netlify

Netlify Status

Setting up

  1. Clone the repo and deploy it as a netlify (with one click via this DTN button)

Deploy to Netlify

  1. Configure a Slack integration on your Slack account
  2. Add the required environment variables for:
  • SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL (You'll need to create and configure a Slack App)
  1. Add build hook ({SITE_NAME}/settings/deploys#build-hooks) which will rebuild and deploy the site whenever a new comment is submitted to the approved form
  2. Add a notification ({SITE_NAME}/settings/forms#form-notifications) which will call our build hook (above) when a new comment is added to the approved comments form.
  3. Add a notification ({SITE_NAME}/settings/forms#form-notifications) to call our comment handler lambda when a new comment is posted to the comments queue for approval.