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A WordPress Framework for rapid child-theme development.
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A WordPress Framework for rapid child-theme development.


  • Responsive Layouts
    • Base 960 Grid 960px
    • Tablet (Portrait) 768px
    • Mobile (Portrait) 320px
    • Mobile (Landscape) 480px
  • Easy CSS Framework Scaffolding
  • Child Theme Ready
  • Style Agnostic - overwrite existing style with ease
  • Responsive Menu (coming soon)
  • Responsive Video embeds
  • Browser Detection


Appearance -> Themes
Add New
Upload ->
Add New

I personally recommend using a Child Theme as that is the best way to rapidly develop a custom Wordpress theme. Visit for more details

Dev Plans

  • Theme Layout Customization Options
  • Post Format Options
  • Loosely Display Featured Images


  • V:0.9.61 - 01/06/14
    • Main Sidebar Widget - css class - "sidebar-widget" to "widget"
    • Main Sidebar Widget Title - css class - "sidebar-title" to "widget-title"
    • Page Template - css class - "page-title" to "post-title"
    • Single Template - css class - "page-title" to "post-title"
    • Editor Style Added for a more unified look
    • style.css organized a bit
  • V:0.9.65 01/09/14
    • Theme Customizer Options - Upload Logo, Global Disable Page and/or Post Comments
    • Minor CSS edits
  • V:0.9.70 1/14/14
    • Theme Customizer Options - Blog Display Excerpt or Full Content Option
    • New CSS for Primary Navigation, it wasn't style agnostic enough for my taste. Now allows infinite amount of depth
  • V:0.9.71 1/15/14
    • Reverted Menu CSS back to previous version, will return to it another time.
  • V:0.9.75 1/15/14
    • New CSS for Primary Navigation, works better than all previous versions!
    • Theme Customizer Option - Adjusted the loop to acually switch between full and excerpt
  • V:0.9.76
    • Removed some cruft
    • Renamed GitHub directories to the way WP outputs the zip
  • V:0.9.78
    • Added "mobile-off" class to quickly remove elements from mobile devices
    • Organized Stylesheet more
  • V:0.9.80
    • .btn classes have been added for quick buttons
    • light CSS cleaning
    • alpha and omega classes added to align-right and align-left
    • remove-top, add-top, half-top classes added
  • V:0.9.83
    • Change content and sidebar column widths through Theme Customizer
    • Add custom classes to sidebar and content area
    • .button and submit input styled to resemble the Generic Framework style
    • Added normalize.css for better cross browser support
    • Removed HTML5 Tags such as and , replaced with divs for better legacy browser compatibility. May affect child themes, replace header#header and footer#footer tags with #header and #footer tags.
  • V:0.9.84
    • Added shortcodes for buttons
    • Cleaned up buttons inside of p tags
  • V:0.9.86
    • Removed shortcodes (WordPress complience won't let me)
    • Minor bug fixes
    • Added Verticle-Divider class, add to a div surrounding columns to add dividers.

Generic Framework is built with the following resources:

Skeleton - ​ License: Distributed under the terms of the open-source MIT license Copyright: Dave Gamache,

FITVIDS.JS - ​ License: Released under the WTFPL license - Copyright: Chris Coyier - + Dave Rupert -

HTML5 Shiv - License: Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses Copyright: @afarkas @jdalton @jon_neal @rem

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