An API for accessing synoptic-timescale reanalyis data
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An Iris Reanalysis Data package (IRData)

SciTools/Iris provides a data structure for GCM weather data, and tools for file IO. I want to go beyond that and have an API for loading the particular weather data I need into an iris Cube. That is, to say something like:

'from the CERA20C reanalysis, load the 2m air temperature at 7am (UTC) on 16th October 1987.`

and the code would find and download the data, interpolating to the requested time as necessary. IRData provides such an API, for synoptic-timescale reanalysis data, from several reanalyses. The request above is:

    import datetime
    import IRData.cera20c as cera20c

There is one sub-package for each of several data sources, with fetch methods for getting a copy of the data from a remote server to a local filesystem. and load methods for loading iris cubes from the fetched data.

  1. IRData.twcr - Data from the 20th Century Reanalysis.
  2. IRData.cera20c - Data from the CERA20C Reanalysis.
  3. IRData.era5 - Data from the ERA5 Reanalysis.

See the docs.

This is a personal software library; it builds on SciTools/Iris and is licensed on the same terms, but it does not have the same level of documentation, support, testing, or stability.