Minimal universal dependency friendly little automated tagger: A prototype dependency parse event coder supporting (of course) PLOVER
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Minimal universal dependency friendly little automated tagger

A coding system supporting PLOVER (of course):;


All programs are Python 3.5 and open source under the MIT License.

Main driver program

Globals, adapted from PETRARCH-2 (

Configuration and dictionary input adapted from PETRARCH-2; CoNNL input

Coding routines

Small utility routines, with parts adapted from PETRARCH-2


PLOVER event-mode-context equivalents to CAMEO codes. Definitely a first approximation.

Utility program for experimenting with CoNLL-U format routines


Records used to achieve "first light": these are actual reports, with the CoNLL-U parse generated by Stanford CoreNLP; actor and verb dictionaries are just the usual ones for PETRARCH-2