iOS 9 UIKit for Sketch
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iOS 9b5 UIKit for Sketch

Introducing the first most accurate and most complete iOS 9 UI template.

I will keep adding more goodies so +Watch this repo and Follow Me on Twitter to keep up to date.



  • As pixel-perfect and accurate vector representation of the iOS 9b1 UI components as humanly possible
  • Document structure that is easy to use and navigate through


  • Contacts - Root
  • Email - All Inboxes
  • Maps - Root
  • Messages - Root, Conversation View
  • Music - My Music, Now Playing
  • News - For You
  • Photos - Moments
  • Safari - Webpage View
  • Settings - Root, Display & Brightness
  • Dark & Light Version
  • Realistic Blur
  • Modals
  • Hierarchical Navigation
  • Segmented Controll
  • Search Bar
  • Safari Address Bar
  • Dark & Light Version
  • Realistic Blur
  • Alert Style
  • ActionSheet Style
  • Realistic Blur
  • Cut, Copy, Paste and Replace...
  • Realistic Blur
  • Realistic Blur
  • AirDrop examples
  • Disclosure, Detail, Subtitle, Icon, Checkmark, ...
  • Edit Mode
  • Dark & Light Version
  • Realistic Blur

How to Use

  • Clone this repo
  • Open the iOS 9 UIKit.sketch
  • Design something awesome!


Requires Sketch and San Francisco Font

=========== If you find anything missing and would like it to be added, please create a new issue - that way, it will be easy for me to fullfil and keep track of requests.

Thanks a lot to Bruno Martins (3D mockup, testing and feedback), Ari (testing and feedback) & Louie Abreu (testing and feedback)