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Groundhog is a Grasshopper plugin, a set of reference models, and wiki exploring the applications of computational design in landscape architecture. Groundhog is currently in beta and material is added sporadically, usually in conjunction with courses at RMIT that teach parametric modelling.

Please visit for documentation and examples of how to use the plugin and for resources on computational approaches to landscape architectural design in general.

Documentation, Demos, and Reference Definitions

See the provided documentation and demo, example, and reference files at

Support, Bug Reports, and Feature Requests

Refer to


Feedback and pull requests welcome; see file.

Plugin Installation

See the file located in the plugin folder.

Plugin Development

To develop the plugin you will need a copy of Rhinoceros installed, and some knowledge working with C# code and the Rhinoceros/Grasshopper APIs.

Editing and compiling that code is best done in Visual Studio. The community editions for Windows or macOS should both work. Upon first build it should fetch the required RhinoCommon, Grasshopper, and third-party references from NuGet (an internet connection is required).

Once you have compiled the project you will need to add the bin folder to the folders that Grasshopper looks for components in. To do so use the GrasshopperDeveloperSettings command in Rhinoceros.

Wiki Development

See the file located in the site folder.


This project is licensed under the GPL v3 License - see the LICENSE file for details.


A Grasshopper plugin, a set of reference models, and a wiki that collectively explore the applications of computational design techniques in landscape architecture.




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