A plugin for Lightroom that exports pictures to Day One
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Day One Lightroom Plug-in

This plug-in creates an export service for Lightroom that allows you to export pictures directly to Day One or Day One 2.

Disclaimer: The software is supplied "as is" and all use is at your own risk. Make sure to back up your journal entries!

Day One 2

The plug-in has been updated to support Day One 2. To export pictures to Day One 2, select it as your "Journal Location". There is currently no supported way of adding multiple pictures to an entry except through the apps. When this changes, I will update the plug-in to support multiple photos in one entry.


First, download the project and unzip it. Next, rename dayone.lrdevplugin to dayone.lrplugin. The .lrdevplugin is used for when a plug-in is being developed.

There are two ways to add the plug-in to Lightroom. You can either put the plug-in anywhere on your hard drive and add it manually to Lightroom, or you can put it into Lightroom's plug-in directory and it will recognize it automatically.


To add the plug-in manually, first choose a location where you want to place the plug-in and move it there. Next, inside Lightroom, select File > Plug-in Manager....

Press Add on the bottom left of the dialog box and locate the plug-in. When you add the plug-in, it should be automatically enabled.


To add the plug-in automatically, move the plug-in to the modules folder of Lightroom. The location of the modules folder is dependent on the operating system you are using.

Operating System Path
In Mac OS (current user) ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules
In Mac OS (all users) /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules
In Windows XP C:\Documents and Users\username\Application Data\Adobe\Lightroom\Modules
In Windows 7 / Vista C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Modules

Lightroom will automatically detect the plug-in the next time you start Lightroom.

Note: If you follow the instructions to add the plug-in automatically, the remove button of the Plug-in Manager will be grayed out. You must manually delete the plug-in from the modules folder of Lightroom. To do this, select Day One Exporter plug-in and press Show in Finder and delete dayone.lrplugin.


To use this plug-in, select the picture(s) that you want to export and press the Export button in the Library module of Lightroom. In the export dialog box, change the Export To: drop down menu to Day One.

Journal Location Options

This option allows you to choose where your Day One journal is located. If you have your Day One journal in a special location, then you can select the last option, and specify where the journal is located. The Dropbox option assumes that you are using the default Dropbox location.

Entry Settings

Use picture's time: This will use the time that the picture was taken as the creation time for the entry.

Star Entry: This will star all entries that are created by this export.

Use picture's keywords as tags: This will use Lightroom's keywords as tags in the Day One entry.

Apply specific tags: This allows you to add specific tags to all entries that are exported. This might be useful if you want to keep track of the source of pictures in your Day One journal. Each tag must be comma separated for this to work.

Warning: Pictures that are exported can be extremely large and take up a lot of space in iCloud or Dropbox. You can use the normal Image Sizing options to scale down the picture.


Thanks to tcjennings for the UUID4 generator.