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# Things To Do
## Things to think about
* Create implementations of RDF Interfaces and RDF API.
The objects, such as Graph, Triple, etc will be XML fragments that conform to
the TriX schema. It will then be easier to create things like the toString()
Should the RDF Interfaces implementation purely pass around graph URIs, thereby
passing graphs by reference rather than as objects? If not just URIs then how
about passing the trix:graph element (minus its children). The trix:graph
element carries the graph URI, graph namespaces, etc, etc. Therefore, try this:
graph:add($parentGraph as element(trix:graph), $triple as element(trix:triple))
as element(trix:graph)
##Things waiting to be done
* Allow submission of graphs in XHTML + RDFa... does that make sense?
* Support Turtle as a response graph representation.
* Support XHTML + RDFa as a response graph representation.
##Things that were to do but are now in progress
* Add full support for SPARQL 1.1 Service Description.
* Allow submission of graphs in Turtle.
##Things that were To Do but are now Done
* Allow submission of graphs in N-Triples.
* Support N-Triples as a response graph representation.
* Reject rdf:Seq, rdf:Bag, rdf:Alt, rdf:Statement, rdf:Property and rdf:List.
* Support creation of new graphs with POST + Slug header
* Support transforming typed node elements into TriX.