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GRaph Store ImPlementation (GRIP) is an RDF Graph Store built on top of MarkLogic Server. It uses the work done in the semantic project, which devised a means of storing RDF triples as tiny XML documents (one document per triple) and querying them with a simple XQuery library of functions.

GRIP extends that original work by providing to standardised ways of interacting with the store using W3C technologies:

Note: These two protocols are not currently full recommendation

Graph Management

The first work in this project revolves around implementing the Graph Store Protocol so that it will be possible to load and manage, over HTTP, graphs within the store. Initially, GRIP will support only the RDF/XML and N-Triples serialisation for both loading and retrieving graphs. However, in the fullness of time it will also allow the loading and retrieving of RDF graphs in other serialisations including N3/Turtle and TriX. If anyone settles on a JSON graph serialisation then that'll probably be included too.

Querying Graphs

Once it is possible to effectively load and manage graphs, attention will turn to the SPARQL Protocol that defines how to query an RDF graph store over HTTP.


Full instructions for installation and configuration can be found on the Installing GRIP wiki page.

Using GRIP

Details on how GRIP works and how to use it can be found on the Using GRIP wiki page.