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Svn Diff Export
Date: 25-JAN-2010
Author: Philip Gloyne (
Patch a baseline svn export to a newer branch. Allows a user to chain multiple svn commands:
svn diff --summarize | svn export <each file> | zip <dir>
We use it to patch a large deployed project on a server we can't directly export to.
Can be found in releases/1.0/svn-diff-export.bat.example
Create a diff.patch file
java -jar svn-diff-export-1.0.jar diff <old-branch-url> <new-branch-url> <diff-file>
Export each of the files described in the diff.patch to a target directory
java -jar svn-diff-export-1.0.jar export <diff-file> <old-branch-url> <new-branch-url> <target-dir>
Create a revision file (usually in a public folder - we put ours next to robots.txt)
java -jar svn-diff-export-1.0.jar revision <new-branch-url> <revision-file-full-path>
Create a .zip of the 'export' folder to push to the server
java -jar svn-diff-export-1.0.jar zip <directory-to-zip>
Unit tests. Tidy up docs.
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