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A Swift framework to edit ID3 tags on MP3 files
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An easy to use Swift framework that edits and retrieves ID3 tag information.

Important Information:

There are two projects which perform the same thing. One is in Swift the other in Objective C. I recommend building the Objective C project and using that framework. (It will work for both Objective C and Swift projects.) In the future, this will be the only project I update!


Drag the framework into your Swift project. Make sure to add to your project's embedded binaries by going to Project Settings > General > Embedded Binaries

At the top of your Swift code:

import ID3Edit

To open a mp3 file for writing:

   // Open the file
   let mp3File = try MP3File(path: "/Users/Example/Music/example.mp3")
   // Use MP3File(data: data) data being an NSData object
   // to load an MP3 file from memory
   // NOTE: If you use the MP3File(data: NSData?) initializer make
   //       sure to set the path before calling writeTag() or an
   //       exception will be thrown

   // Get song information
   let artwork = mp3File.getArtwork()

   // Write song information
   mp3File.setTitle("The new song title")
   mp3File.setArtist("The new artist")
   mp3File.setAlbum("The new album")
   mp3File.setLyrics("Yeah Yeah new lyrics")

   if let newArt = NSImage(contentsOfFile: "/Users/Example/Pictures/example.png")
          mp3File.setArtwork(newArt, isPNG: true)
          print("The artwork referenced does not exist.")

   // Save the information to the mp3 file
   mp3File.writeTag() // or mp3.getMP3Data() returns the NSData
                      // of the mp3 file
catch ID3EditErrors.FileDoesNotExist
   print("The file does not exist.")
catch ID3EditErrors.NotAnMP3
   print("The file you attempted to open was not an mp3 file.")
catch {}

Instructions for Command Line Tools:

Drag the framework into your project. Make sure to add the path to the framework in Project Settings > Build Settings > Runpath Search Paths

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