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Pioneer Capital Investments Website

Group Purpose

Founded in November of 2000 as the Student Endowment Investment Group, Pioneer Capital Investments (PCI) strives to educate students about financial markets. PCI was established through a $100,000 grant by the college’s endowment and has been student run since its inception. Continuously operating for almost two decades, the group has taught generations of Grinnell students investing skills.

PCI consists of a diverse collection of students. Members include students of all graduating classes and many majors, both domestic and international students, and students of varying levels of expertise in the financial markets. With this distinct blend of students, the group is able to analyze multiple viewpoints before making a decision regarding the portfolio.

The key purpose of PCI is to educate students. We also bring in guest speakers such as professors, alumni, and other people from around the community who have experience in finance, accounting, investment management and mathematics.

The website exists to advertise the group to potential members and record the group's activities.


A rant by Philip Kiely

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, there was the server. Then the 1990s happened a decade or more too late at Grinnell ITS and the college switched to a more conventional However, because ITS is full of hoarders or something, they kept around the server, where we were relegated to If you can’t fathom how bad it was, consider that when you type in to Microsoft Word, it doesn’t try to turn into a hyperlink like the www version does (at least on my machine), but I digress.

In 2016, some folks decided that we should no longer be the Student Endowment Investment Group and we took the name Pioneer Capital Investments. However, this made it so that you could no longer find our website when you searched for us, which was bad. I tried to fix it, it didn’t work. Also, you had to use Netbeans 8 to make code changes, and there was some PHP in there that I never touched.

Now, the site runs on GitHub Pages off of this repository. The url is, and the old redirects to the new site. This site is totally static and uses Bootstrap 4 and other modern conveniences.

There are a few accounts you need to know about to fully administer this website.

  • The URL is from my personal Hover (domain registrar) account and will be renewed indefinitely. The domain registrar keeps the DNS records that point to the GitHub pages site, so if the hosting ever changes I need to change those records.

  • is the primary email for group communications

  • is the secondary email for signing up for services.

  • The portfolio tracker is through the group Yahoo Finance account, username

Copyright and License

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Copyright 2013-2018 Blackrock Digital LLC. Code released under the MIT license.

Repository under MIT License.