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Formatting and mention of local install.

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commit f3a885e51b203bc2fd5c909aa159467ba52ccafd 1 parent 58b15f2
Philip Mateescu authored
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@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ For use during development of a node.js or python based application.
`autotest` will watch all the files in the directory in which you started `autotest`. If any change, it will automatically rerun your tests.
The entry point of your test suite can be specified in the `package.json` file:
@@ -24,5 +25,8 @@ Either through forking or by using [npm]( (the recommended way)
npm install autotest -g
-And `autotest` will be installed in to your bin path. Note that as of npm v1, you must explicitly tell npm to install globally as `autotest` is a command line utility.
+And `autotest` will be installed in to your bin path. `autotest` works best if it is installed in the global registry
+as it provides direct access to the `autotest` command line utility; if you choose to perform a local install then you need
+to start the monitor using: `./node_modules/.bin/autotest`.

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