Speed comparison of Dependency Injection Container
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Test of speed of DI Containers

Attempting to test the speed of various Dependency Injection Containers.

See the results of my tests here: http://philipm.at/2011/0808/

.Net Containers:

  • Autofac
  • Castle.Windsor
  • ninject
  • Spring.Net
  • StructureMap
  • Unity

This repository contains various branches dedicated to multiple DI usage scenarios in an attempt to provide a comprehensive landscape for measurements. Don't rely on the master branch maintaining a specific topic, it might change its content. Instead look at those branches for the specific scenarios that might be of interest to you. The only thing I can somewhat promise is that the master branch will have the most up-to-date spreadsheet with my results.

  • with_isregistered: checks that the object is registered with the container before requesting it. This causes some abysmal performance in Unity.
  • without_isregistered: requests the object without performing the registration check. Has the potential to yield either NullReferenceExceptions or container specific registration exceptions.
  • ex_vs_isreg: compares the speed difference between using IsRegistered and handling specific registration exceptions. Spoiler: don't use exceptions.
  • ex_vs_isreg_vs_opt: Unity provides an alternate way to deal with objects not being registered, OptionalDependencyAttribute. This branch, a bit badly named, attempt to look at how this attribute performs.