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Alfresco Solr API Repository Connector for Apache ManifoldCF
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This code is deprecated. Alfresco Indexer webscripts and client have been migrated into alfresco-indexer and manifold-connector is now part of Apache ManifoldCF as alfresco-webscript connector


Alfresco WebScripts Solr API Repository Connector for Apache ManifoldCF

Building this connector

svn co manifoldcf
cd manifoldcf
mvn clean install -DskipTests -Dmaven.test.skip
cd -
git clone
cd alfresco-webscript-manifold-connector
mvn clean install -DskipTests -Dmaven.test.skip

Running Alfresco 4.2.c

cd alfresco-indexer-webscripts
mvn install -Pamp-to-war (advised MAVEN_OPTS="-Xms256m -Xmx2G -XX:PermSize=300m")
(will run on localhost:8080/alfresco-instance)

Install and run Manifold 1.1.1

curl >
export MANIFOLD_HOME=$PWD/apache-manifoldcf-1.1.1
java -jar $MANIFOLD_HOME/example/start.jar

Install and run Solr 4.1.0

curl >
export SOLR_HOME=$PWD/solr-4.1.0
java -jar $SOLR_HOME/example/start.jar

Install the Alfresco WebScripts Connector

Prerequisite: you need to have installed Apache Maven 3.0.4

For building and packaging the connector run the following command from the root folder of the project:

mvn clean install

Copy the conf folder into the manifold classpath

cp -Rf mcf-alfresco-webscript-connector/src/test/resources/conf $MANIFOLD_HOME/example
cp -Rf mcf-alfresco-webscript-connector/src/test/resources/alfrescoResources $MANIFOLD_HOME/example

Deploy and configure the Alfresco Webscript connector

cp mcf-alfresco-webscript-connector/target/mcf-alfresco-webscript-connector-1.1.1-jar-with-dependencies.jar $MANIFOLD_HOME/connector-lib

edit $MANIFOLD_HOME/connectors.xml and add this snippet:


edit $MANIFOLD_HOME/logging.ini if you want to raise the default (WARN) Manifold log level

create a new conf folder in $MANIFOLD_HOME/example/lib

copy in the new conf folder all these files related to the keystore configuration of your Alfresco instance:

Configure Manifold and start!

  • Add Output Connection (List Output Connections)

    • Set name (free)
    • Set type to Solr
    • Save (all options by default)
  • Add Repository Connection (List of Repository Connections)

    • Set name (free)
    • Set type to AlfrescoWebscript
    • Save (all options by default)
  • Add Job (List all Jobs)

    • Set name (free)
    • Click on Connection tab
    • Set Output connection to your_output_connection
    • Set Repository connection to your_repository_connection
    • Save (all options by default)
  • Start the Job (Status and Job Management)

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