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Easy to use quote plugin for Aldryn and django CMS.
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Easy to use quote plugin for Aldryn and django CMS.


  1. Run the following commands in the given order:

    pip install aldryn-quote
  2. Add aldryn_quote to your INSTALLED_APPS:

  3. To use aldryn-quote with Django 1.6.* or less, you will need to install South with the following terminal command:

    pip install South
  4. To sync the aldryn-quote models to the database run:

    python migrate aldryn_quote

Additional style choices

  1. Within the templates/aldryn_quote/plugins folder, create a subfolder with a name of your choice.

  2. Make sure your template is called quote.html and copy it to the subfolder created in step 1.

  3. Add the name of your subfolder to a tuple called QUOTE_STYLES:

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