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Django Natural Earth

For now this is only an importer for the 
Natural Earth data (
It only imports the Country and County data at 
the moment, since I was primarily checking out if 
the data is accurate enough. 

However, the vision would be to make an app that loads 
useful geodata from natural earth and geonames and
throws it into a geodjango index which can be used 
for making more complex geoqueries.

If you are interested in this and want to help me maintain
 a project then write me a mail at:
phil [at] maptales [dot] com

Warning: At the moment the County import throws an error.
The people at Natural Earth know this already
and will fix this soon.

I also looked at:, 
which is a bit out of sync with geonames at the moment, but could be
easily integrated into this app and 
has data that Natural Earth does not have, 
eg.: elevation data in a 50m2 precision (if I remember correctly)


* Install the App
* Start a Geodjango Project. Don't forget to add 'django.contrib.gis' to
  the installed apps and refer to the Geodjango website for the DB setup etc.
* run python
* run python
* go to your admin and look at the imported data

* Finishing the rest of the commands, there is much more data to be importet
* Writing queries for the Data, eg.: in what county/country am I? How many of my 
  geotagged items are in this county/country? Am I in an urban area? etc etc.
* Testing the queries

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