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FROG CMS - Change Log
+ enhancement, addition
- bug fix
. other development
+ Added Slovak translation. Thanks Payo.
+ Added Slovenian translation. Thanks skye28.
- Fixed backend favicon tag not closed - issue 178
- Fixed faulty code in comment plugin documentation - thanks stevesmc
. Changed include to include_once in PluginController - issue 179
0.9.5 - released 2009-04-27
+ Added experimental Global XSS filtering, by default turned off. To turn on add define('GLOBAL_XSS_FILTERING', true) to config.php - issue 162
+ Added advisory about removing changelog.txt to install screen.
+ Added output buffering around main() - issue 114
+ Added option to choose administrator name in install screen. - issue 149
+ Added function that generates administrator password during install routine. - issue 149
+ Added check to make sure config.php isn't writable.
+ Added inheritence to hasContent() function. - issue 142
+ Added icon to directories in file_manager plugin - issue 140
+ Added Plugin::isEnabled($plugin_id) to Plugin class for plugin devs. (allows for basic plugin dependancies.)
+ Added getSetting(), setSetting(), getAllSettings() and setAllSettings() to Plugin class for plugin devs - issue 128
+ Added comments plugin option to display to-be-moderated comments on plugin tab (default true)
+ Added MySQL port to install screen. Thanks gilles.doge - issue 107
+ Added new events - issue 94
+ Added site identifiers to login screens (both login.php and forgot.php) based on Admin screen title setting.
+ Added front-end login feature similar to layout selector. (login required, not required, inherit)
+ Added drag-to-copy feature for better multi-language support. Thanks tuupola.
+ Added a new core plugin called skeleton to help out new plugin developers.
+ Added translation template generator to help out translators with translating Frog core and plugins.
+ Added Norwegian and Swedish core translations.
+ Added updated Chinese translation.
+ Removed split between frontend and backend.
+ Added an ID to the "view this page" link so it can be styled.
+ Added Danish translation for admin and file manager. Thanks Kenan.
+ Added Croatian translation for admin and file manager. Thanks jackie.
- Fixed small bug with wrong link to rss feed in Normal theme - issue 166
- Fixed bug with default tab listing showing controller which had set show_tab to false.
- Fixed some SQLite related problems in the comment plugin
- Fixed some i18n issues - issue 158
- Fixed default_tab setting causing endless redirect - issue 106
- Fixed issue with 'title' attribute in link(). Removed auto-generation of attribute for accessibility purposes. - issue 154
- Fixed issue with Comment plugin where leave off http:// in website link would cause malformed url - issue 151
- Fixed issue where using '..' would allow access to files outside public directory - issue 148
- Fixed issue where saving page layout without title did not result in error - issue 146
- Fixed setAllSettings failing to update settings with SQLite - issue 145
- Fixed issue with page_requested event parameter not being backwards compatible - issue 141
- Fixed USE_MOD_REWRITE is undefined in case of system not yet being installed - issue 132
- Fixed issue with failed login redirecting to admin section once logged in. - issue 131
- Fixed issue with settings table. Changed table setting's field value to TEXT instead of VARCHAR.
- Fixed GET variables not being available in Frog's frontend. - issue 75
- Fixed issue where AutoLoader did not find file for 'PageArchiveMonthIndex' - issue 101
- Fixed issue where saving a page without title results in loss of entered content - issue 68
- Fixed issue with filename lowercasing during upload of files. Thanks david - issue 113
- Fixed previous()/next() functions to work for all levels. Thanks rid - issue 109
- Fixed "Add child" tooltip for browsers not picking up the alt value of the icon.
- Fixed broken View Site link for TLDs starting with 'a' - issue 116
- Fixed XHTML compatibility problem with Comment plugin.
- Fixed issue where only the last addJavascript was accepted.
- Fixed admin CSS so that foreground colours are declared - issue 137
- Fixed MOD_REWRITE test which produced double slashes - issue 150
. Removed two <p>&nbsp;</p> statements from layout\edit.php - issue 168
. Updated license statements to reflect change to GNU GPLv3 with an exception.
. Improved replacement of letters like ö in the slug
. Improved default 404 message for useability. - issue 163
. Updated chinese translation - thanks westup
. Updated comment plugin to make use of statistics_api plugin if available and enabled.
. Restricted access to backend to roles administrator, developer and editor - issue 122
. Updated readme.txt with requirements detail for MySQL server.
. Updated file_manager plugin translations to conform to new template.
. Updated comments in preparation for PHPDoc documentation.
. Renamed root dir text files to avoid name conflicts and accomodate Windows users.
. Renamed style.css into screen.css for more consistency with print.css in Normal layout.
. Simplified Comment plugin to make use of Plugin::getAllSettings() and friends.
. Commented .htaccess file for new users.
. Removed slug field from Homepage metadata (and initial code fixed).
. Enhanced comments in config.php template
0.9.4 - released 2008-09-29
+ Added function to allow plugin devs to add one or more javascript file to the backend html for their plugin. (issue 35)
+ Added auto-detected link to a plugin's documentation page. Checks for existence of documentation() function in plugin's controller (issue 33)
+ Added auto-detected link to a plugin's settings page. Checks for existence of settings() function in plugin's controller (issue 32)
+ Added Indonesian translation
+ Added "View this page" link in the Edit page screen
+ Added "Tag to use this snippet" in the Snippets tab
+ Added en-messages.php.template to i18n directory of core to assist translators
+ Added admin section option to choose default tab after login (issue 29)
+ Added display of latest plugin version in Frog admin section
+ Added option to admin screen: allow html in page title. (default: false) (issue 66)
+ Added favicon
+ Added option to Plugin::addController to allow for controller without displaying a tab
- Fixed lacking PNG support for IE6 (issue 64)
- Fixed bug allowing HTML code in page title, now filtered with Kses
- $values => $value in Page.childrenCount()
- Fixed security issue with DB username password in index.php
- Fixed incorrect return and if statement in DoPgsql.php
- Fixed accidental assignment bug in Framework.php (issue 43)
- Fixed bug where "Files" tab was accessible to users without roles. Now restricted to "administrator,developer,editor" (issue 42)
- Fixed bug where using permissions string as parameter to addController had no effect (issue 41)
- Fixed "s" echo for count in comment-each snippet of comment plugin
- Fixed Gravatar bug to display default user image.
. Updated all languages files to move file manager plugin translations to file manager plugin i18n directory
. Updated core plugin index.php files to make use of the new "latest" functionality
. Updated the comments plugin
. Updated Dutch translation
. Updated default Layout to find metadata from Edit.Page.Metadata tab
. Updated default Normal Layout to check for existence of keywords, otherwise use default strings
. Corrected the default RSS Feed, should now validate. Also added RSS subscription link tag to default Normal template.
. Modified the place of the "filter" input in Snippets
. Removed comments css code from admin.css
. Changed default footer snippet to read copyright instead of
. Changed plugin list "from ..." wording to "by ...".
. Updated Russian translation
. Typo corrections on dummy text for default installation
0.9.3 - released 2008-08-14
+ license change to AGPLv3
+ auto page tabs generation "javascript"
+ i18n for filemanager plugin - fr
+ i18n for plugin api
+ new improved installation script ( without choosing the use of PDO )
+ Adding Russian translation
+ Adding Czech translation
+ Bangla/Bengali translation added
+ Polish translation added
+ adding Dutch translation
+ comments to moved from core to plugin
+ adding keywords() and description() to page object
+ login error effect is now working
- mktime() warning in archive plugin issue fixed
- installation without PDO driver, but with PDO installed issue fixed
- comment plugin edit fixed
- fixed: page updated_on and published_on
- issue #22: Fix for FileManager plugin
- fixed CSS for ul list line-height
- fixed sqlite use without mysql driver installed with pdo
- fixed archive sql data
- adding s if more then one comment in sql_data
- schemas db comment fixed
- protolype speeling mistake
- fixed plugin comment constant usage
- fixed comment plugin install issue
. plugin comment enable.php removing update date and id
. plugin comment enable (snippet - insertion)
. removing autoenabling comment plugin from core website
. Hungarian translation revision
. css border input + prototype.js now in login
bug fixed: issue 10 Remove Markdown/Textile from default plugin if not enabled
cleaning old files
bug fixed: issue 16 CSS files are pulling from the wrong path
some typo fixed
removing green and blue grey theme
bug fixed: SQLite 3 plugin crash the administration setting when PDO is not installed
adding new theme directories
bug fixed: file manager plugin viewing file with spaces
bug fixed: issue 14 deleting file in file manager plugin
reorder snippet and layout
adding SQLite as a second database choice (sqlite 3 only)
adding SQLite 3 pluggin to make archive pluggin works
bug fixed: drag handle when opening new branch
bug fixed: tab (page part) position in page edit
bug fixed: internet explorer drag and drop bug
Plugin API
reorganization of the code
bug fixed: deleting page part
pass to prototype 1.6 and scriptaculous 1.8
removing file manager from the core
adding file manager plugin
adding observer to the front end
adding behavior plugin page not found
bug fixed: 404 from fastcgi is now sended
Framework bug fixed: php6 compatiblities (magic_quote doesn't exist anymore in php6)
bug fixed: installation config.php not config/config.php
suffix url in configuration file
simplify installation
page can now be protected from editor
new role: editor
user can now edit there profile (top right name link)
setting editable for administrator
more complex textile toolbar, modification of the markdown toolbar
simple markdown toolbar from (
new filter for a tinyMCE wysiwyg editor
toolbar linked with filter by using: (
new tab in page edit for page title and metadata (including tags)
validation xhtml/css
bug fixed: cross browser (safari, firefox, opera, internet explorer)
backend layout modification (color and disposition)
adding archive behavior to the release
new behavior implementation (frog give the control to behavior)
core add: comments (frontend and backend)
core add: stats (frontend and backend)
core add: tags (frontend and backend (metadata))
files add: renaming files
user gravatar implementation
removing subtitle in backend
0.6.2 - 0.8.6
all experimentation of those version has been ignored
restarting with the 0.5.8 version
change everything to utf-8
replaced innoDB to MyISAM
0.5.9 - 0.6.0
all experimentation of those version has been ignored
bug fixed: page reordering drop on level 1 repair
new framework
new user permission
new database schemas
no more dependencies for PDO
adding DoLite (database object lite)
... a lot of experimentations have been done here ...
localization of all the administration part of frog (english, french)
bug fixed: tab (page part) can't remove body part
view site link will NO LONGER open in a new window (really don't like it)
bug fixed: page toggle now al levels works
bug fixed: sortable drag and drop page on second level now display right level
drag and drop sortable page position (order)
fontend page->children() now search first for the position and then for id
bug fixed: htmlentities now use utf8
bug fixed: url_match and url_start_with '/' compatibility
view site link will now open in a new window
bug fixed: more link in firefox osx now works (already fixed on radiantCMS)
bug fixed: trailing <? removed
bug fixe filter and behavior listing now exclude all hidden files
bug fixe edit page with a ended textarea stop display the reste of the content
bug fixe same as before but for snippet and layout too
this is a beautiful day for me and all of you that use php5
frog framework is now 10 times more faster and more secure and php5 only
alot of optimisation have been done, and some security hole
routing optimization and singleton
flash singleton
zip library is now done
email library (from code igniter - thanks to them)
utilisation of php5 PDO
database abstraction for mysql, postgresql and sqlite
adding behavior for pages (page plugin like Radiant CMS)
renaming framework to Frog (bye bye Maple!)
over 30 bug fix
installation script modified (database type added (and remove! this feature will be add in a other version sorry))
small code cleaning
files tab
redesign for fitting the new name Frog
adding installer script
bug fix: doadd and doedit accessed direcly redirect to index
renaming all the project to Frog
remove version.php
add versin in admin/index.php
adding version.php
adding markdown filter
bug fix: filter in snippet is now like in parts
first public version with 1 week of dev... mega alpha beta version.