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Frog CMS exception to GNU GPL
Version 1, 15 April 2009
Copyright (C) 2009 Philippe Archambault and Martijn van der Kleijn
Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies of this license
document, but changing it is not allowed.
0. Definitions
“The Program” refers to Frog, a PHP-based content management system. It does not
include the Plugins distributed along with Frog.
“This Exception” refers to version 1 of the Frog CMS exception to the GNU GPL.
“GNU GPL” refers to version 3 of the GNU General Public License.
“A Plugin” refers to a set of files which work together and have the intention
to extend or modify the behaviour of the Program, and use the Plugin interface
that is part of the Program.
1. Exceptions
Linking the Program statically or dynamically with Plugins is making a combined
work based on the Program. Using inheritance to create new functionality such
as a Plugin is considered to “modify” the Program according to the definitions
set forth in the GNU GPL.
Thus, the terms and conditions of the GNU GPL cover the whole combination of the
Program including any Plugins.
As a special exception, the copyright holders of the Program give you permission
to create Plugins, and to copy and distribute those Plugins under terms of your
choice, provided that those terms do not place additional restrictions on the
Plugin or the Program.
The Plugin must include the complete text with the terms that apply to it. The
Plugin, or the documentation that accompanies it, must always clearly state for
which version of the Program the Plugin was designed.
2. Termination of the Exception
The Exception is automatically terminated when the copyrights on the Program are
violated in any manner.
The Exception is automatically terminated when the terms placed on the Plugin
are more restrictive than the GNU GPL.
This Exception is automatically terminated when the terms placed on the Plugin
would in any way compromise the validity of the GNU GPL for the Program beyond
the exceptions listed in this document.
This Exception cannot be used for a Plugin when the intent of the Plugin is to
remove the code or portions of the code that are part of the Program from under
the GNU GPL license.