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-// database informations
-// for sqlite, use sqlite:/tmp/frog.db (SQlite 3)
-// the path can only be absolute path or :memory:
-// for more info look at:
-define('DB_DSN', 'mysql:dbname=svn_frog;host=localhost');
-define('DB_USER', 'root');
-define('DB_PASS', '');
-define('TABLE_PREFIX', 'svn_');
-define('DEBUG', false);
-// The full URL of your Frog CMS install
-define('URL_PUBLIC', 'http://localhost/svn/madebyfrogs/');
-// The directory name of your Frog CMS administration (you will need to change it manualy)
-define('ADMIN_DIR', 'admin');
-// Change this setting to enable mod_rewrite. Set to "true" to remove the "?" in the URL.
-// To enable mod_rewrite, you must also change the name of "_.htaccess" in your
-// Frog CMS root directory to ".htaccess"
-define('USE_MOD_REWRITE', false);
-// add a suffix to pages (simluating static pages '.html')
-define('URL_SUFFIX', '.html');
-// if your server doesn't have PDO (with MySQL driver) set the below to false
-define('USE_PDO', true);
-// Set the timezone of your choise
-// go here for more information of the available timezone:
-define('DEFAULT_TIMEZONE', 'Europe/Helsinki');

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