Pjs, Pam, Jim, Sam & myself
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Philippe Beck

Pjs, Pam, Jim, Sam & Myself


This project is the main project of my current study.

To use the minimum of external code, I created 4 tools to build this website, then published them:

  • Pjs, a microCMS for coding in pyjamas;

  • Pam, Php Appoachable Microframework;

  • Jim, Javascript Interactive Microlibrary;

  • Sam, Scss Animated Microframework.

The only tools containing external code that I used to build this website are:

  • Twig, the template engine;

  • Normalize.css, the reset stylesheet;

  • Font-Awesome, the set of icons;

  • Autoload of Composer, the autoloader;

  • PhpUnit, the test framework.

For my main project, I choose to build my personal website, with 5 main categories:

  • Portfolio, presenting my development projects, some reflections, my training & my certifications; it is also possible to directly access the courses I followed.

  • Pjs, a special section listing the tools I created to build this website; also providing links to repositories, package managers, downloads, and documentation.

  • Blog, where I publish news about development related to my career; it is possible to comment articles, provided you have created a user account & you are logged in.

  • Univers, a section showing an image gallery of Hubble, with a lot of things about the main object of the image, such as basic information, images, official databases & wallpapers;

  • Atlas, another section on astronomy, presenting a table of rare & ancient atlases, in color & covering a millennium; opening to the celestial card galleries & to Wikipedia articles.