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A microCMS for coding in Pyjamas


How to install in 5 steps :

1 / Install via Composer : $ composer require pjs/pjs

2 / After that, you need to copy inside your project folder the content of the folder : "vendor/pjs/pjs"

3 / Then, to construct a fonctional database, go to your phpMyAdmin to import the file : app/pjs.sql

4 / And, for Pjs could access to the database, put your phpMyAdmin password in the file : app/config.php

5 / Finally, for front-end dependencies, within your web folder, type in the terminal : $ npm install

If something wrong :

  • Check the config file & your PhpMyAdmin parameters to verify if passwords match
  • Type in your terminal at the root of the project => $ composer dump-autoload
  • Send an Issue =>


Pjs, a microCMS for coding in pyjamas !

You will find a lot of features to construct a website : Php classes provided by Pam, the Php Appoachable Microframework JavaScript functions provided by Jim, the Javascript Interactive Microlibrary Css classes provided by Sam, the Scss Animated Microframework Filters & classes in the views by Twig, the Symfony Template Engine And others tools provided by Pjs, the microCMS

Pjs is a study project, but don't hesitate to send issues or pull requests, I will watch them promptly with interest...


Documentations are available for each tools inside PJS in French here :

Documentations are available for each tools inside PJS in English here :


Pjs needs you if you like it : sends pull requests on GitHub to improve it !!