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Updated README now that there is a solution in place.

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-== NavUtil - An example program ==
+# NavUtil - An example program #
-This program documents one of the difficulties I currently face. It's pretty simple, really.
+This program documents one of the difficulties I had. It's pretty simple, really.
I want to write an app that, when I press the "Info" button, flips over to a Settings page.
This settings page should be a NavigationController at the top, and allow me to push and pop
UIViewControllers easily, so I can set the different properties in my settings view easily.
-I can do almost all of this, but I'm stuck on the part where I insert the UINavigationController.
+Thanks to shawnhyam for pointing out the way to do this.
-It's got to be something extremely simple that I am missing; if you know and can point it out, that
-would be fantastic!
+I have complemented the app with a detail view controller so you can see it in action.
+I have also added a second section in the UITableView showing some embedded switches, for your entertainement.
--Philippe Casgrain

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