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Ococoa: The Official App of the Ottawa-Gatineau Cocoaheads


Ococoa ("Ottawa Cocoa") is a simple app for the Ottawa-Gatineau Cocoaheads attendees.

All are welcome; our meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month.

It performs the following tasks:

  • "Rings the doorbell" at our meeting place using Push Notifications

  • Shows you the next meeting's agenda

  • Easily propose new meeting topics


The Ococoa app now includes a pass, built using Apple's Passbook for iOS 6 and up.

Passbook makes it easy to send notifications to your users, even without an app installed.

This implementation has both a pass (client) and webservice endpoints (server) using Google App Engine.


  1. Get the source and build it

    • This will create the missing files
    • The build will fail. This is normal.
  1. Delete the #error in OCPrivateInfo.m

    • The app will now build and run, but Push Notifications (Ring the Doorbell) won't work
  1. (Optional) Push Notifications

    • The application uses UrbanAirship for Push Notifications, so if you are building your own you will need the appropriate credentials from UrbanAirship.
    • You can create a free UrbanAirship account, create a new app, and use those credentials
    • UrbanAirship provides 1M free push notifications a month, which is fine for a local user group
    • You will also need a web server to talk to UrbanAirship using their API
    • This source code contains such a web server, written in python for Google App Engine


You can download a free version on the App Store. This Open Source repository is to encourage participation and sharing. The link is You must edit 'OCPrivateInfo.m' before the app will build. You will need some UrbanAirship credentials, and a server that can handle a GET request (basically, any web server). If you don't attend (or plan to attend) the monthly meetings, this app will be somewhat useless to you.

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