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Ococoa: The Official repository of the Ottawa-Gatineau Cocoaheads


The Passbook pass in this repository is up-to-date with the latest information about Ottawa-Gatineau Cocoaheads

You can get the latest pass simply by going to

This implementation has both a pass (client) and webservice endpoints (server) using Google App Engine.


There was an App Store app called "Ococoa" that is now retired. This app was able to display the monthly schedule (scraped from the Cocoaheads website) and also had the ability to send push notifications to other instances of the same app, which was useful in the past.

Sending push notifications was useful because you could be stuck outside the building where we held our meetings, and if you didn't know the phone number of at least one person inside, you had no other way of signalling that the door was locked.

This app has been retired because its main purpose became moot (we are no longer in that building) and its secondary purpose, displaying the schedule, has been largely replaced by the Passbook pass, above.

The app was still using iOS 6 as well. That's how old it was...

You can get all the code in this repository if you look in the history, should you need to.