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PhFacebook: easy-to-use MacOSX framework for the Facebook API


PhFacebook was an embeddable MacOSX framework to easily access Facebook's API.

It was built as an experiment in 2010, and I have not maintained it so it would be a mis-representation to say that it works properly. I don't even know if it does, to be honest.

Other solutions

I'm not aware of other solutions, they might exist. Maybe this code can be salvaged. It's all in the history, have a look if you wish.

I'd like to thank everyone for their contributions to the project, and congratulate the few that shipped with this framework. No doubt you've started your own solution. If you want, contact me and I'll list it here.


All software has a lifecycle. At some point, all things must come to an end. Libraries outgrow their usefulness, or are supplanted by another piece of software, or simply fall out of favor. In any case, there will come a time when the lights need to be turned off, and it is the responsibility of the maintainer to wrap things up.