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This will add an handy notification whenever the user clicks the cancel button or closes the facebook window manually. Hope it helps.


See other comment about rebasing your fork; other comments inline.


Should be better now. In the xib file I basically send the cancel action to the phwebviewcontroller instead of the first responder, so that I can send a notification to the delegate.

This is useful because I want to know if the user choosed not to authenticate with facebook.

BTW: In the xib file I noticed that there's a push button laying around. Not sure if it's needed.

I can't merge the pull request cleanly because of this line; you will have to rebase.

Is it necessary to check if parent respondsToSelector: here?


I don't think so. I know I've added that method to the library, but you may know better than me so feel free to add it.

Looks good, needs a quick rebase due to the previous commit.

Watch spacing: one space after colons, space after parentheses (e.g. (void)windowWillClose...). Just trying to be consistent.

Other notes inline.



Hope it's better now.

@philippec philippec merged commit 5283fd9 into philippec:master Jun 13, 2011
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