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Completion blocks. #41

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raffael commented Feb 21, 2013
  • Added the capability to define completion blocks for both token retrieval and requests. Defining a delegate is actually not necessary anymore.


fb = [[PhFacebook alloc] initWithApplicationID:@"XXXXXXX"];
[fb getAccessTokenForPermissions:@[@"publish_actions"] cached:NO withCompletionBlock:^(NSDictionary *result) {
    [fb sendRequest:@"/me" withCompletionBlock:^(NSDictionary *result) {
        NSLog(@"Got /me result: %@", result);
    [fb sendFQLRequest:@"SELECT uid, sex, name from user WHERE uid = me()" withCompletionBlock:^(NSDictionary *result) {
        NSLog(@"Got FQL result: %@", result);
  • Added german .strings file
  • ARC compatibility WARNING: After refactoring for ARC, only 64bit is available
fjaeger commented Feb 28, 2013

I highly appreciate your work, but can't we have the completion blocks separately and discuss ARC in another pull request?

raffael commented Feb 28, 2013

Our main goal was to extend PhFacebook with completion blocks as fast as possible for the (RMFBLayer project) [], and since we're using ARC in all of our current projects, the ARC transformation was just a 'small cosmetical fix'.
I have to admit there are still lots of projects that do not make use of ARC!


Sunsetting the project. See

@philippec philippec closed this Apr 3, 2016
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