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Config Reader

This activity reads a JSON Configuration file. The configuration can then be used in following activities. This activity can read String, Int, Float and Boolean configuration values. Default value can be set Configuration can be cached (and not read at each execution) for better performances


flogo add activity


Inputs and Outputs:

      "name": "configFile",
      "type": "string",
      "required": "true"
      "name": "configName",
      "type": "string",
      "required": "true"
      "name": "configType",
      "type": "string",
      "allowed" : ["string", "int", "float", "bool"]
      "name": "defaultValue", 
      "type": "any"
      "name": "readEachTime",
      "type": "bool"
  "outputs": [
      "name": "configValue",
      "type": "any"


Setting Description
configFile The path to the configuration file
configName The name of the configuration element to retrieve
configType The type of the configuration element (string, int, float or bool)
defaultValue The default value to set if the configuration was not read correctly
readEachTime If set to true, the configuration file will be read at each execution of the flow. If set to false, the file will be read only once
configValue The value of the configuration

Configuration Examples

String Config

  • Configuration will be read from file /home/pi/config.json
  • Name of the configuration element is string_config
  • Type of the configuration element is string
  • Default value to apply if the conf. element is not found: "Default""
  • Setting the "readEachTime" value to false: File will be read only once

Example of configuration file

        "string_config" : "TIBCO",
        "bool_config": false,
        "int_config": 55,
        "float_config": 22.22

Nested configuration

This activity use the library Gonfig. Therefore, it is possible to access nested elements.

Example of configuration file with nested elements

        "string_config" : "TIBCO",
        "bool_config": false,
        "int_config": 55,
        "float_config": 22.22,
        "nested": {
        	"sub_element": "FLOGO"

Syntax to access the nested element

Nested element

What do the logs say ?

Once the log level set to DEBUG, here is what is displayed by the activity when reading a configuration element:

2017-12-06 16:45:22.768 DEBUG  [engine] - Scheduling EVAL on task: ConfigReader

2017-12-06 16:45:22.768 DEBUG  [engine] - Step: 2

2017-12-06 16:45:22.768 DEBUG  [engine] - popped item off queue
2017-12-06 16:45:22.769 DEBUG  [model-tibco-simple] - Task Eval: Task[%!d(string=configreader_2)]:'ConfigReader'

2017-12-06 16:45:22.769 DEBUG  [activity-tibco-configreader] - Config file [/home/pi/config.json]
2017-12-06 16:45:22.769 DEBUG  [activity-tibco-configreader] - Variable readEachTime is not null.
2017-12-06 16:45:22.769 DEBUG  [activity-tibco-configreader] - Configuration name [nested/sub_element], Configuration type [string]
2017-12-06 16:45:22.770 DEBUG  [activity-tibco-configreader] - Input default value is [DEFAULT]
2017-12-06 16:45:22.770 DEBUG  [activity-tibco-configreader] - Getting config value...
2017-12-06 16:45:22.770 DEBUG  [activity-tibco-configreader] - Variable readEachTime = false
2017-12-06 16:45:22.770 DEBUG  [activity-tibco-configreader] - Need to read the configuration file...
2017-12-06 16:45:22.771 DEBUG  [activity-tibco-configreader] - Reading STRING value
2017-12-06 16:45:22.772 DEBUG  [activity-tibco-configreader] - Final value: FLOGO
2017-12-06 16:45:22.772 DEBUG  [activity-tibco-configreader] - Final value returned [FLOGO]
2017-12-06 16:45:22.772 DEBUG  [engine] - SET OUTPUT: configValue = FLOGO

2017-12-06 16:45:22.772 DEBUG  [engine] - OutputScope: &{map[] map[configValue:0x10815700] 0x10910d80 false}

2017-12-06 16:45:22.773 DEBUG  [engine] - SetAttr: configValue = FLOGO

2017-12-06 16:45:22.773 DEBUG  [engine] - Applying OutputMapper
2017-12-06 16:45:22.773 DEBUG  [engine] - AddAttr - name: _A.configreader_2.configValue, type: any, value:FLOGO

2017-12-06 16:45:22.773 DEBUG  [engine] - ToInstLinks: task=0x11faac

2017-12-06 16:45:22.774 DEBUG  [model-tibco-simple] - done task: ConfigReader
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