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Code for book "Learn Design Patterns with Game Programming"
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Java Project
UML Project

Learn Design Patterns with Game Programming

Code for book "Learn Design Patterns with Game Programming"

Available on Amazon

Java Project

You can open the Java project with Netbeans 8 or higher. OpenGL library is configured for Windows. For other OS, remove the .jar in the project and add the good ones in the "lib" folder.

You can also run the code using most IDE creating a project from existing sources (let the IDE choose how to compile, don't use the Netbeans project files). To use the OpenGL features, you must add the .jar files in the "lib" folder corresponding to your OS.

The "pacman" folder contains the final version of the game created thoughout the book. Run the Main class to run the client. To test network gaming, run the Server class, and then run up to 5 clients.

UML Project

This is an EasyUML project you can open using Netbeans 8 or higher and an improved version of EasyUML (the standard one should also works).

This improved EasyUML plugin is available in another github repository:

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