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A phalcon based wiki software with simplicity in mind.
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  • PHP 5.4+
  • the Phalcon extension
  • Composer
  • sqlite3 support or some RDBMS (MySQL, PgSQL, Oracle, ...)
  • 1 minute of free time


  1. SSH into your server
  2. Use git clone to clone the repository to a desitination of your choice
  3. If you intend to use Sqlite: set chmod -r 777 to the data folder.
  4. Rename application/config/config.php.dist to application/config/config.php and provide the required database information.
  5. Use sql/[your RDBMS].sql to set up the base table structure.
  6. Point your webserver to the public directory and make sure the rewrite-definition inside the .htaccess is used. Also make sure that only the public directory is world-accessible.
  7. Run composer.phar install in the main directory of Kolibri to download the required third-party-libraries to the vendor directory. If you plan to develop Kolibri, you might want to download the dev libraries as well, use composer.phar update to do so.
  8. Enjoy!
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