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Hexo theme suited for coding blogs, bootstrap based
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Hexo theme based on twitter bootstrap

See this example site for a demo.

  • optimized for readability (~70 characters per line, enough margin between body and sidebar)
  • done for offline writing: (almost) all css and js files are part of the theme, the blog looks the same online as offline and loads also without internet connnection


npm install hexo-renderer-less --save
cd themes
git clone

Then theme: hexo-theme-twboostrap into your _config.yml



Highlight.js enables syntax highlighting for your code blocks.

In _config.yml remove the whole highlight block and replace it with

  enable: false

and instead add:

highlightjs: atelier-estuary-light

Then do

hexo clean
hexo generate

To get highlightjs working.

For a full list of all themes see this demo page


Enable the menu on top with e.g.

  Home: /
  Archives: /archives

About me carousel (only visible on index)

Add about in widgets:

 - about

And add some text about yourself:

  title: About John Doe
  - image: /images/john.jpg
    image_alt: John
    description: I'm a <a href="">python</a> developer
  - image: /images/rust.jpg
    image_alt: Rust
    description: Recently I started learning rust.

Per-post CSS and Javascript

You can add custom CSS and load a special JS on a per-post basis. Example:

title: My awesome post
date: 2014-01-20 16:06:00
  - "pre>code.hljs {font-size: 80%}"

Captions on images

If you add a image like this, it'll show the caption "Raspberry pi" right below the image:

<img src="/images/pi.jpg" alt="Raspberry pi" class="caption" />

Other features of this theme

There's support for disqus, addthis, subscripe to mailchimp mailing list, etc. Have a look at the example config


Execute the following command to update:

cd themes/hexo-theme-twbootstrap
git pull
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