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A proof of concept of brushing and linking interaction with personal agency. 🕵️ (presented as a paper at IEEEVIS 2017)

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MyBrush is a coordinated multiple view interface and a proof of concept prototype that offers personal agency over brushing and linking by giving people the flexibility to configure the source, link, and target of multiple brushes.

Find more information including a tutorial video at:

getting started

online demo

you can try an online demo at:

local installation

If you don't have npm, download and install node.js (including npm) from

To install all dependencies/libraries needed in MyBrush, run npm install in the root directory of the project.

Now you can serve the index.html file from localhost to run the application and open it in the browser.

One way to do this:

run npm install http-server -g to install a simple command line server

run http-server . in the root directory of the project: it will tell you the address to open the application in the browser.


MyBrush was developed and tested in the Google Chrome browser.

touch interaction

To disable swipe for navigating back in the browser history, disable "Overscroll history navigation" in chrome://flags.