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SheetMusicTutor Build Status

SheetMusicTutor is a web app which allows practicing sheet reading skills right in your browser. Currently, there are two different modes:

  • Pitch reading training
  • Rhythm training

The pitch reading training mode uses the Web MIDI API. Connect your piano via MIDI to your computer and play the displayed notes. The generated notes won't be typical chords in a typical combination. So, you can't rely on intuition or experience. Instead you must read the correct notes.

Read more in this blog post.

On the contrary, the rhythm training mode can be used without a keyboard. Just tap the given rhythm with your space button or on your touch screen.

SheetMusicTutor is written in ES6 and React, uses Vex for rendering the sheets and Chartist for rendering the graphs. The tests are executed with Jasmine/Karma on Travis.

How to use the pitch reading training

Currently, the Web MIDI API has very limited browser support. Try Chrome (at least version 39) and activate the experimental enable-web-midi flag (chrome://flags/#enable-web-midi). After connecting your MIDI device to your computer, it may be necessary to restart Chrome. Additionally, make sure that no other software is reading from the device. Finally: Just visit the GitHub hosted Piano-Trainer.

If you want to run SheetMusicTutor locally, checkout the repository and execute npm install and npm start within the folder.


MIT © Philipp Otto


A web-app for training sheet reading skills by using your MIDI-enabled piano.




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